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Fix the Spinning Pinwheel of Death in Mac OS X

Shelton 2016.04.22 7:07

SPOD, the short form of spinning pinwheel of death is common to meet for many Mac users. When you boot your Mac, generally it will log you in with a white screen, but sometimes, all you can see is nothing but a spinning pinwheel, and then you will realized your Mac was stuck. This situation […]

Delete locked files or folders

Solutions to Delete Locked Files/Folders in Mac OS X

Shelton 2016.04.20 8:08

Deleting junk files in Mac OS X is supposed to be easy, but sometimes, you can’t just delete the unwanted files as you perform in usual for those target files are locked. In order to trash those junk files, you need to do something that is the main topic here. Go on reading and start […]

search duplicates

Available approaches to locate duplicate files in Mac OS X

Shelton 2016.04.14 9:09

Duplicate files can occupy a large proportion of disk space on your Mac computer, therefore, it is necessary for you to know how to find and remove duplicate files in Mac OS X. In fact, you can locate the duplicate files in there ways: Search for duplicate files with Finder Use a Terminal command or […]


Mac Optimization: How to reset PRAM or NVRAM

Shelton 2016.04.12 8:08

NVRAM or PRAM is the special memory, which stores the settings used by your Mac to control the configuration of various systems and devices. Sometimes, you will have to reset your Mac’s PRAM or NVRAM and here are all the things you will need to know about PRAM or NVRAM and about how to reset […]

Email Heders

How to Display Full Email Headers in Mail for Mac

Shelton 2016.04.07 9:09

Full headers for mail messages can tell the details about the sender of email message, such as the origin mail servers, and IP address, original arrival time and much more. Also the complete headers in Mail will be helpful to sort out complicated email server issues. As the full headers can make an email more […]

temp items

Safely remove temp items in /tmp, /private/var/&/var/folders on Mac

Shelton 2016.03.31 8:08

Frequent usage of Mac computer will inevitably accumulate lots of temporary files and caches. When your Mac runs slowly, you might think about how to remove those temporary items as well as the bloated /private/var/, and /var/folders. Yet can you just drag all those target files into the Trash as what you always perform to […]

disk space

Available ways to clean up startup disk on your Mac

Shelton 2016.03.29 9:09

A startup disk is a partition of a drive containing a usable operating system. Sometimes, a user can have several startup disks on his hard drive, but more will just have one startup disk. Mac users will encounter problem like a full startup disk, and just don’t know how to figure it out. Actually, when […]


Comcast to offer low-cost internet service for public housing residents

Shelton 2016.03.25 9:09

Comcast announced a pilot program on Thursday, which will offer public housing residents in Miami-Dade County, Nashville, Philadelphia and Seattle low-cost internet service. Comcast Corporation is a multinational mass media company in America, the largest cable TV company and also the largest home internet service provider in the United States. The company has about 22 […]

Mac blue screen

Troubleshoot Mac Stuck at Blue Screen Issue when Start up

Shelton 2016.03.22 7:07

Normally, when you boot your Mac, there is a gray screen as it is searching for your startup drive.Yet sometimes, you will be stuck at a blue screen when you just turn on your Mac. Today we are going to figure out how to fix that startup problem getting your Mac stuck at a blue […]


Rosa R. Halstead

2014.10.23 15:37

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Luis Glenn

2013.05.23 10:11

I am always proud of introducing the fix tool to my friends, my colleagues and even my boss, easy to follow and use to optimize the Mac.


2011.10.15 17:30

Very awesome and helpful to clean junk files on my Mac, cause I usually suspect that the uninstall program cannot be cleaned well when you just drag it to the Trash

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