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Sometimes a Mac user would encounter the error code 259 when starting the system, running a program or taking other operations on the computer, and how to stop and fix error code 259 will be very urgent and necessary for recovering the smooth and effective performance on your Mac.

What does error code 259 mean?

Mac error code 259, Midi Manager Errors:, is a common Mac issue that indicates a problem just happening on your computer, and it will not disappeared until you get it fixed well. In most cases, this error issue appears on the computer with a specific error message:

  • idiNameLenErr = -259, /*name supplied is longer than 31 characters*/

Why you get this issues on your Mac?

Although Apple Mac computer is a remarkably stable and friendly-used machine, you still would encounter this error message for some improper operations on the computer. According to many people's experiences, they often encounter this error for the following problems:

  • Too many junk files and remnant files of uninstalled programs accumulated on the computer
  • Program running issues
  • Malware or virus infection
  • Installed applications or other processes are out-of-date
  • Unknown disk problems
  • A great number of files stored on the computer desultorily

Now you may know what happen to your Mac and what may be the cause of this error issue, and then you should take actions to troubleshoot and fix error code 259, otherwise, more and more serious problems and issues on the machine will be waiting for you, like computer free-up, crash and get more error codes and problems.

Approaches can remove and fix error code 259 on Mac

One - clean junk files

The junk file mentioned here is not just those files you move to the Trash, but the useless files and traces on your Mac, and these are the most common junk files that you should clean well:

User Cache: created by installed programs and usually locates in "~/Library/" folder, cache files will be created during using the specific application and used to stores some temporary procedures and traces.

System Trash: junk files created by the system operations, and used to support the current performance of the Mac.

System Logs: records of activities for installed applications and service on the computer, they can be used for debugging purpose when a application or service crashes, but those created in the past are usually useless.

Miscellaneous Caches: cache files from many kinds of operations on the Mac.

Internet Caches: temporary storage (cache files) when connecting to the Internet.

Internet Histroy: records of your activities on the Internet connection.

Internet Cookies: date sent from the website you are visiting and stored on your web browser, they are often used to load the website and record the user's activity on the site.

Download History: history records the file you download online.

These junk files should be cleaned regularly on the Mac, because it will cause some files and processes unable to operate smoothly on the computer, and create some error code issue. Therefore, in order to fix error code 259, you should take action to remove these junk files on your Mac, however, it must be very time consuming if you have to manually clean those junk files on your Mac one by one, and applying the advanced Mac fix tool will be a good choice to handle the cleaning job.

Two - disable problematic start-up programs to fix error code 259

Problems in Boot Sector on Mac often trigger some errors which including the issue you are encountering now, and the start-up program having some troubles to launch smoothly is often the cause of this issue. So, to fix error code 259, you should pay attention to the list of start-up programs, and disable those problematic applications start-up automatically on your computer, if you cannot handle this program issue and it happens frequently, you can consider to re-install it.

Steps to remove start-up items manually on Mac:

  • Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner, then navigate to System Preferences
  • Click Users & Groups > choose your username > go to the Login Items tab
  • Have a browse on the list of startup items, then locate the one you need to remove
  • Click on the minus button (-) to stop the program automatically starting up on your Mac, or you can select the checkbox in the Hide column next to the application

Manage start-up items easily with fix tool:

  • Open the advanced fix tool, and go to the tab which is about managing startup items
  • Deselect the program start-up automaitcally on your Mac, and save the change

Steps to reinstall problematic program to fix error code 259

  • Invite a professional uninstall tool on your Mac, and open it
  • Select the application you need to remove, and click on the uninstall button
  • Follow the instructions to remove the program completely without any leftovers
  • Download the newest version of the program, and install again on your Mac

Three - Remove duplicate files

Sometimes duplicate files on the Mac will create some conflicts and troubles to the associated operation on the computer, and you should decide to remove one of them to make sure there is a default file (or component) to support the associated performance. Additionally, too many duplicate files on your Mac system also means occupying too many spaces, which easily cause the computer to be resulted in a sluggish performance. Therefore, you need to clean the duplicate files on Mac to clear your system as well as fix error code 259.

Manually clean duplicate files on your Mac will require you to search for the file one by one via using the Finder utility on the computer, if you don't want to spend too much time to deal with this duplicate file clean job among numerous files on your Mac, taking a good Mac optimizer to handle this duplicate file removal will be your best choice and resolutions.

If there is always a jumble of files and other data on the computer, many installed applications and even the Mac's performance will be affected and unable to perform effectively, because these unorganized files will compromises the effectiveness of your Mac, and you should think a way to sort through these files well.

Five - Remove virus infection

Although Mac is regarded as a safe OS while comparing to the Windows operating system, there are still many malicious viruses and threats peeped wickedly to the Mac and take every possible chance to sneak to the Mac system. So, to protect your Mac system and avoid those problems like error code 259 which could be caused by the virus infection, you need to equip your Mac with a reliable antivirus program, when you encounter and need to fix error code 259 with this possible reason, you can go to scan and remove viruses with the virus removal tool.

Six - keep Apps and utilities up-to-date

Outdated utility and features are often the common cause for many running errors and problems on the computer, because they cannot effectively support the associated performances and operations, and you will be resulted in some problems like error code 259, in this situations, you should go to have a check for the associated programs and utilities, then update to the newest version, it will not only help you to fix error code 259 which is caused by the outdated issue, but also significantly improve your Mac's performance.

As we can see that a Mac computer will be troubled by this or that of problem for the users' improper actions and lacking of regular optimization, to avoid the troublesome error problems as many as possible, it's very important and necessary to developed a good habit of using the computer, and remember to optimize your computer regularly with an advanced Mac fix tool, you will be able to prevent and fix error code 259, and also keep far away from many Mac issues and problems.


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