Manage login items on Mac OS X manually

Shelton 2016.01.29 2:02

It seems save much time to make applications launched automatically as soon as you start up your Mac. However, there can be problems when there are too many login items running at login, which will slow down your Mac at login. Thus it is necessary for Mac users to know how to manage the login […]


Safely Delete Cache Files on Mac OS X

Shelton 2016.01.27 9:09

Too many useless files will give rise to the sluggish Mac performance. To ensure a good operating environment for Mac, you need to do cleanups periodically. Among the various files, cache files are expected to be removed. Today’s topic is about how to clean up cache files on Mac OS X. Caches accumulates each time […]

Apple Vs Samsung

The legal battle about patent dispute between Apple and Samsung began in 2012, and up until this year, the issue eventually comes to an end with Apple as a winner. A federal court in California ordered Samsung to stop selling smartphones that infringes on Apple’s patents in the U.S. at the request of Apple. All […]