Manage login items on Mac OS X manually

01 29/ By Shelton

It seems save much time to make applications launched automatically as soon as you start up your Mac. However, there can be problems when there are too many login items running at login, which will slow down your Mac at login. Thus it is necessary for Mac users to know how to manage the login items, choose any app you wanna run when starting and stop any you don’t need. You may not know how to do, but you will know that from now on.

Mac OS X makes it easy to manage login items. What you need to do is to navigate to the preferences and add or remove applications from the list. Continue your reading and begins to manage the login items with steps as bellow:

Step 1: Click on the Apple icon on the left-upper corner of your screen, select System Preferences in the pull-down list.
Step 2: Click on the Users& Groups icon.

users groups

Step 3: Find out your user account on the left-hand side bar, and then click on Login Items. Now you can see a list of items that will be launched automatically while logging in. You can choose applications that you wanna run at log in and remove those you don’t. There are some check-boxes in front of each application, tick in the box and that application will start at log in.

remove or add
On the contrast, when you wanna add a new application into the loginĀ  list, you can just drag the icon and drop it into the list. Alternatively, there is a Plus icon on the interface, by which you can select an item using the file browser manually.

login items


add login items

Effectively manage login items will reduce the burden of your Mac and make your Mac fast-running. If you don’t wanna see same applications launch again and again each time you start up your Mac, you can follow steps above and manage the loginĀ  items.

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