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Duplicates, or in other words, the identical files create during your daily activity with your Mac computer. For example, when you are click on the same links again and again, there will be several identical files appearing on your device. But how can you remove those duplicates on Mac OS X? Hereby, we will present […]


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted on the news this morning, officially revealed that Twitter has brought on Natalie Kerris, the former Apple PR executive. Jack Dorsey wrote on his tweet, reading “Welcome Natalie Kerris to Twitter as our VP of Global Communications! Natalie Kerris also commit the truth by tweeting “Thank you! Thrilled to join […]

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How to clean up log files on Mac OS X

Shelton 2016.02.18 8:08

Do you know how and where to find out log files on Mac OS X? How can you remove log files on your Mac? Have you ever asked yourself about these problems? Now you can find all the answers to the questions above here. Where can you find log files on your Mac? Log files […]

cloud computing

Survey from the research firm Clutch in Washington,D.C shows that the cloud market grows wider and brighter as it present the data that the majority of the companies plan to maintain or even boost cloud spending in 2016. Cloud computing is a kind of internet-based computing, which enables individuals and enterprises to store and process […]


You may be able to log in your Mac effortlessly when everything goes well. Yet sometimes there might be troublesome, and the gray screen startup problem occurs. Gray screen startup problem can be said the most troublesome form among the varieties of Mac startup problems. Continue your reading to troubleshoot the gray screen startup problem […]


Apple is said to release a new generation of iPhones in September this year, presenting the world two models of the new generation phones, iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Rumors about the features of iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus were afloat, such as a dual-camera feature with iPhone7,no headphone jack , and wireless earpods. Apart from […]