Troubleshoot the gray screen startup problem on Mac

02 03/ By Shelton

You may be able to log in your Mac effortlessly when everything goes well. Yet sometimes there might be troublesome, and the gray screen startup problem occurs. Gray screen startup problem can be said the most troublesome form among the varieties of Mac startup problems. Continue your reading to troubleshoot the gray screen startup problem step by steps.

Do you really know the gray screen startup problem?
The gray screen startup problem occurs as soon as you start or reboot your Mac. You will see a gray screen in conjunction with the Apple logo, a spinning gear, spinning globe or a circle with slash drawn through it on the device.

As we have mentioned above, there are several forms of Mac startup problems, common startup problems is easy to be mistaken for the gray screen startup problem when there is a gray screen with a folder icon and a flashing questioning mark, which is actually a separate problem.

When you are stuck at the gray screen startup problem, there are no any unusual noise. All you get is just a gray screen, which gets stuck and you won’t be directed to the login screen or the normal desktop of Mac.

How to troubleshoot the gray screen startup problem on Mac?
A bad peripheral or peripheral cable will usually cause the gray screen startup issue. To resolve the gray screen issue, here is what you need to cover.

Disconnect all external peripherals on your Mac
Step 1: Turn off your Mac. Now that you were stuck at the startup, you will need to force your Mac to shut down by pressing and holding the power button of your Mac.
Step 2: Disconnect all the external peripherals on your Mac, including any Ethernet cable, audio in or out cables, headphones, but the keyboard, mouse, and display are excluded.
Step 3: Back up your Mac.
At this stage, you need to find out the bad peripherals by repeating the process of shuttering your Mac, reconnecting one peripheral and rebooting your Mac.

Apart from this method, there are some other tips you can follow to fix the gray screen startup problem.
Step 1: Starting the fix by disconnecting all the peripherals except the keyboard and mouse
Step 2: Start your Mac with the Safe Boot process. Once your Mac starts up normally in the Safe mode, you can check whether it can be launched in normal mode.

By reading here, we sincerely hope that you have fixed the gray screen startup problem of your Mac. When there are some problems with your Mac, what you should is to find out what the problem is and then take the corresponding measures to fix it. May you good luck, and thank you for reading.

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