Enterprises plan to increase cloud spending this year

02 14/ By Shelton

cloud computing
Survey from the research firm Clutch in Washington,D.C shows that the cloud market grows wider and brighter as it present the data that the majority of the companies plan to maintain or even boost cloud spending in 2016.

Cloud computing is a kind of internet-based computing, which enables individuals and enterprises to store and process their data in the third-party data centers. Cloud service means differently vary from person to person, and there are more and more users and enterprises who are using Cloud Computing.

Early in 2011, there has been 34% of the respondents who are using the cloud service, and 17% are planning to invest within 18 months and 19% of them are considering the cloud-based technology, according to the 2011 TSS Java Trends survey. With 4 years’ development, the increase of the Cloud Computing is remarkable.

About 90 percent of the companies said that they would spend more in Cloud Computing in 2016. Nearly half (said 49%) of the enterprises are planning to eye an increase of between 11% and 30%. 14% of them will boost the spending on Cloud Computing by 31% to 50%. The rest of companies are gonna increase Cloud spending by more than 50%.

it is not a coincident that the spending on Cloud Computing grows rapidly and fast. In fact, Worldwide spending on public cloud services are expected to increase at a 19.4% compound annual growth rate, based on the report from the analyst firm IDC in January this year. It also  turns out that there will be a growth of the public cloud market, rising from 70$ billion in 2015 to over $ 141 billion in 2019.

Another analyst firm, Gartner also states something good in the January report, saying that the worldwide public cloud market is expected to grow 16.5% this year to $204 billion, which will be up from $175 billion in last year.

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