What are preference files and how to delete them on Mac

03 03/ By Shelton

What are preference files?
Preferences files are those storing all sorts of application-specific information, including the rules or parameters that show you how the application works. You can find the preference files in the applications contents. Usually, preference files are located in ~/Library/preferences/. The name of an application’s preference files is usually in the format “com. [the name of the software vendor]. [application name].plist”. Other preference files just end in the application name, without the “com” prefix.

When do you need to delete preference files?
Chances are applications will go wrong and exhibit strange behavior when there are some corrupt preference files. At this moment, you will need to delete the broken preference files. Preference files can be corrupt along with the symptoms like unexpectedly quitting immediately after opening, an application crash, or a sudden blackout.

What will happen after you delete the broken preference files?
Once you delete the broken preference files, your applications will work properly and without odd behaviors. Some people may worry about whether the deletion will do harm to the application itself. Actually, a new and default preference file will be created the next time you launch the application.

How to delete preference files on Mac?
Preference files of your applications store in ~Library/Preference/, thus here is how you can delete preference files on your Mac.
Step 1: Open Finder and click on Go menu.
Step 2: Select “Library” on the list, if you can’t find it, hold down the Option key and at the same time click on Go.

Go &Library
Step 3: Open Preferences folder, and then search for the preference files that you want to delete. Highlight the files, right click and then choose “Move to Trash”.



Plist files

Or you can also navigate to the target folderĀ  by clicking GoHomeLibraryPreferences, and then trash the broken prefernces files. That’s how to remove the corrupt preference files manually. Alternatively, you can also use a professional tool to remove the preference files automatically. All you need to do is just to click your mouse.

  • Download the smart tool.
  • Click on Fast Cleanup—-Start Scan, which will automatically scan out files including preference files, and some other junk files on your machineļ¼Œand finally click Remove to delete the files.

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