How to Safe Boot Your Mac?

03 04/ By Shelton

Safe Boot Mac
Safe Boot, aka Safe Mode allows Mac to start up with a faster speed for there will be the minimal number of system extensions, preferences, and fonts running. Besides, should you face a system crash or freeze, Safe Boot will ensure a normal running of Mac. Let’s get started and learn how to start up your Mac in a safe mode now.

Once you boot your machine in a safe boot, the startup process will do all the things here to ensure a smooth and fast login.

  • Perform a directory check of the startup drive
  • Load only the minimum of kernel extensions the system needs to run
  • Disable all third-party fonts except for those stored in /System/Library/Fonts, and disable all login items.
  • Delete all font caches as well as the dynamic loader caches

There are trivial differences between the safe Boot with a wired keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard. Hereby, we will display the details of how to Safe Boot your Mac with different keyboards as follows.
To Safe Boot your Mac with a Bluetooth keyboard:

  • Shut down your Mac (if it is running)
  • Start up your Mac
  • When there is the sound of Mac’s startup, hit and hold the Shift key
    Release the Shift key as soon as you see the login interface or the desktop

To Safe Boot your Mac with a wired keyboard, here is how.

  • Shut down your Mac
  • Press down and hold the Shift key
  • Start up your machine
  • Release the shift key when you see the login window or the desktop.

Though Safe Boot benefits your startup, it will also limit some features such as DVD Player and iMovie. However, the Safe Boot will help you out when you are having problems caused by the corrupt applications, broken data, damaged fonts or the preference files.

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