Troubleshoot Mac Stuck at Blue Screen Issue when Start up

03 22/ By Shelton

Mac blue screen

Normally, when you boot your Mac, there is a gray screen as it is searching for your startup drive.Yet sometimes, you will be stuck at a blue screen when you just turn on your Mac. Today we are going to figure out how to fix that startup problem getting your Mac stuck at a blue screen.

Instructions to fix the problem
Option 1: Repairing  the Startup Drive
As we have mentioned above, problems with the startup drive on your Mac can lead to blue screen of death on your machine. Thus we can try to bring your Mac back to normal by repairing the startup drive. You can fix the issues strike the startup drive via Apple’s Disk Utility, which allows mac users to work with Mac’s hard drive, erasing, formatting, partitioning a drive and also repairing problems.

If you are still beset with the blue screen of death, you can also try another way as bellow.

Option 2: Fixing startup permissions
If one has set the startup permissions of Mac incorrectly, it will also result in a freeze Mac at startup. So, if you just can’t fix the problem with the solution above, try this one.

You failure to boot your Mac may be caused by various reasons, a power outage or power surge, or turning off the machine without executing the correct shutdown process. Also, if you just happen to change the startup permissions not allowing any access, you just boot your Mac. There are different methods to change startup drive permissions and fix a drive set to no access.

Booting your Mac with a single-user startup mode
You can change the startup drive’s permissions by using the single-user startup mode.
Step 1: Boot your Mac and hold down the Command+ S keys on your keyboard at the same time.
Step 2: Keep holding on the Command+ S keys until there are a few lines of scrolling text on your display.
Step 3: Once the text has stopped scrolling, enter mount -uw / in the command prompt.
Step 4: Hit Enter/Return key, and then type in chown root /
Step 5: Hold down Return/Enter on the keyboard again, enter chmod 1775 /
Step 6: Again, press Enter/Return key, put in Exit and then hit Enter/Return key.
Your Mac will now boot from the startup drive

Booting from another Device
You can also fix the problem by booting your Mac with another startup device.
Step 1: Start your Mac while holding down the Option key, you will see a list of available startup devices displaying. Select a device that will be used to boot your Mac.
Step 2: Launch Terminal, which can be found in the /Applications/Utilities folder.
Step 3: Enter sudo chown root “/Volumes/startupdrive/” in Terminal. Pay attention that there are quotes around the drive’s path name, which will ensure whether the drive name contain special characters, including a space, that will work with this command.
Step 4: Hold down Enter/Return key
Step 5: Type in your administrator password
Step 6: Again, enter the command sudo chmod 1775 “/Volumes/startupdrive/” and then press Enter/Return key.

As you have gone through the instructions above, your Mac will be able to boot normally with the correct permissions.

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