How to Display Full Email Headers in Mail for Mac

04 07/ By Shelton

Email Heders
Full headers for mail messages can tell the details about the sender of email message, such as the origin mail servers, and IP address, original arrival time and much more. Also the complete headers in Mail will be helpful to sort out complicated email server issues.

As the full headers can make an email more complicated for average users, it is more recommended for advanced users to grab these useful tips. Now then, let’s begins to show you how to display the full headers in Mail on your Mac.

Steps to show complete email headers in Mail for Mac OS X
This can be used for all versions of Mail in all releases of Mac OS X system software. To show the full headers, you will need to go through the steps as follows.
Step 1: Open your Mail App, select and open any message in your inbox.
Step 2: Click on the “view” menu and select “message” in the pull-down list, and then select “All Headers”. Now you will be able to show full headers in your Mail App.
Step 3: Review the details of email headers at the top of the email message.

For users who think that it is unnecessary to show the complete email headers, you can also toggle the email headers from full complete one to the default short one by pressing Command+ Shift+ H keys in your keyboards.

In addition, once you viewed the complete headers and wanted to return to the regular view, say, the default header view in Mail, you can switch to the default header display in this way.
Step 1: Open your Mail App and any message as before
Step 2: Go back to the “view” menu, select “Message”, and then chose “Default Headers”. Then you will be able to show regular email headers on your Mac.

As we have mentioned at the beginning, the complete email headers sometimes is helpful to troubleshoot some email server issues. Thus it is necessary to learn how to show the full headers in your Mail App. Also, if you don’t want to show the long full headers, there are also tips to hide them and return to the regular view.

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