Mac Optimization: How to reset PRAM or NVRAM

04 12/ By Shelton


NVRAM or PRAM is the special memory, which stores the settings used by your Mac to control the configuration of various systems and devices. Sometimes, you will have to reset your Mac’s PRAM or NVRAM and here are all the things you will need to know about PRAM or NVRAM and about how to reset them.

About PRAM or NVRAM in Mac OS X
PRAM or NVRAM stores information and data, including Startup volume, Speaker volume, Display settings (resolution, color depth, refresh rate, number of displays),Kernel panics information,DVD region settings, as well as Date and time, including time zone.

Chances are your Mac will face various problems when the data stored in the parameter RAM goes corrupt. In that case, your computer will suffer from the issues as follows.
You will see the wrong time format on your machine, including

  1. Wrong date, time or time zone.
  2. Speaker volume set too loud or too soft.
  3. A question mark appears when you start up your Mac and there will be a long delay before you can log into your machine.
  4. Some other display problems such as a gray Apple boot screen.

Once the problems occur, you will need to reset the PRAM or NVRAM on your Mac.

Steps to reset the Parameter RAM
You can follow the instructions here to reset the parameter RAM on your Mac no matter your computer uses NVRAM or PRAM.

  • Shut Down your Mac computer, and reboot your Mac.
  • Press down Command+ Option+ P+ R four keys on your keyboard immediately before you see the gray screen when starting up.
  • Keep holding down the four keys and your Mac will reboot itself.
  • Release the keys when you hear the second startup chime.

With the steps above, your Mac will finish its startup process, and then you can use the System Preferences to reset the time zone, the date and time, and also customize any display you want to use.

  • Click on the System Preferences in the DOCK, enter System section under System Preferences window.
  • Click on the Date& Time icon to reset the time zone, correct the system time format and reset the time and date.
  • Click the Startup Disk icon to select a startup disk.

With the instructions here, you are now able to reset the parameter RAM on your Mac.

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