Solutions to Delete Locked Files/Folders in Mac OS X

04 20/ By Shelton

Delete locked files or folders

Deleting junk files in Mac OS X is supposed to be easy, but sometimes, you can’t just delete the unwanted files as you perform in usual for those target files are locked. In order to trash those junk files, you need to do something that is the main topic here. Go on reading and start to learn and mark the skills to delete locked files in Mac OS X.

1. Move and trash the upper folder containing the target files/folders
You can easily find that the locked targets can’t be moved or deleted directly, and you can’t change any content in the subdirectories, either. However, you can move and trash the upper folder of those targets and delete the upper folder to trash the locked files.

2. Unlock the target files/folders and then delete them directly
It is not that complicated to unlock the files or folders in Mac OS X, thus you can first unlock the target files and then delete them following the steps here.

  • Select the target files or folders
  • Right click and select “Get Info” or you can also use the keyboard shortcuts by pressing down Apple+ I keys.


  • Uncheck the “Locked” option to unlock the files/folders


  • Since you have successfully unlocked the junk files or the unwanted folders, now you can delete them by just dragging them to the Trash.

3. Unlock the target files/folders with “chflags -R nouchg” command
A possible scenario is that you can’t uncheck the Locked option in the “Get Info” interface for the unlocked options appears gray and can’t perform anything. Under such circumstances, you will need to launch the Terminal to unlock the files or folders, and here is how.

  • Head for Utilities by going through Finder>Applications>Utilities, or you can just open Finder, and then click on Utilities if it appears on the left-hand sidebar in Finder interface.
  • Double click on Terminal to launch it

Terminal in Utilities

  • Enter “chflags -R nouchg” and then hit the Space key
  • Drag those locked files or folders to the Terminal and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Restart Finder or select the targets again, and you will be able to delete those unwanted files or folders.

Remember that when you can’t delete some junk files or unwanted folders in Mac OS X, you can try these solutions here.

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