Delete locked files or folders

Deleting junk files in Mac OS X is supposed to be easy, but sometimes, you can’t just delete the unwanted files as you perform in usual for those target files are locked. In order to trash those junk files, you need to do something that is the main topic here. Go on reading and start […]

temp items

Frequent usage of Mac computer will inevitably accumulate lots of temporary files and caches. When your Mac runs slowly, you might think about how to remove those temporary items as well as the bloated /private/var/, and /var/folders. Yet can you just drag all those target files into the Trash as what you always perform to […]


What are preference files? Preferences files are those storing all sorts of application-specific information, including the rules or parameters that show you how the application works. You can find the preference files in the applications contents. Usually, preference files are located in ~/Library/preferences/. The name of an application’s preference files is usually in the format […]

clean up Mac

How to clean up log files on Mac OS X

Shelton 2016.02.18 8:08

Do you know how and where to find out log files on Mac OS X? How can you remove log files on your Mac? Have you ever asked yourself about these problems? Now you can find all the answers to the questions above here. Where can you find log files on your Mac? Log files […]


Safely Delete Cache Files on Mac OS X

Shelton 2016.01.27 9:09

Too many useless files will give rise to the sluggish Mac performance. To ensure a good operating environment for Mac, you need to do cleanups periodically. Among the various files, cache files are expected to be removed. Today’s topic is about how to clean up cache files on Mac OS X. Caches accumulates each time […]