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Duplicate files can occupy a large proportion of disk space on your Mac computer, therefore, it is necessary for you to know how to find and remove duplicate files in Mac OS X. In fact, you can locate the duplicate files in there ways: Search for duplicate files with Finder Use a Terminal command or […]

duplicate programs

How to remove duplicate programs on Mac

Shelton 2016.03.10 8:08

There are various kinds of duplicates existing on Mac computer, including the duplicate files, duplicate photos, and even duplicate programs. Identical programs can be created when you update the applications to the latest version and then keep both of them. How duplicate programs affect your Mac There is limited running space for a Mac computer, […]

remove duplicates

Duplicates, or in other words, the identical files create during your daily activity with your Mac computer. For example, when you are click on the same links again and again, there will be several identical files appearing on your device. But how can you remove those duplicates on Mac OS X? Hereby, we will present […]