Mac blue screen

Normally, when you boot your Mac, there is a gray screen as it is searching for your startup drive.Yet sometimes, you will be stuck at a blue screen when you just turn on your Mac. Today we are going to figure out how to fix that startup problem getting your Mac stuck at a blue […]

Safe Boot Mac

How to Safe Boot Your Mac?

Shelton 2016.03.04 9:09

Safe Boot, aka Safe Mode allows Mac to start up with a faster speed for there will be the minimal number of system extensions, preferences, and fonts running. Besides, should you face a system crash or freeze, Safe Boot will ensure a normal running of Mac. Let’s get started and learn how to start up […]


You may be able to log in your Mac effortlessly when everything goes well. Yet sometimes there might be troublesome, and the gray screen startup problem occurs. Gray screen startup problem can be said the most troublesome form among the varieties of Mac startup problems. Continue your reading to troubleshoot the gray screen startup problem […]


Manage login items on Mac OS X manually

Shelton 2016.01.29 2:02

It seems save much time to make applications launched automatically as soon as you start up your Mac. However, there can be problems when there are too many login items running at login, which will slow down your Mac at login. Thus it is necessary for Mac users to know how to manage the login […]